Takazawa Candle Earthquake Relief

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The historical storefront of Takazawa Candle in Nanao city that dates back to Meiji Era was severely damaged from the Noto Peninsula Earthquake that struck the region on New Years Day.

As posted on their website, everyone at Takazawa Candle is safe however some of their staff are unable to return to their homes and they are going through the most difficult times especially under the severe weather conditions. The collapse of their storefront is extremely devastating, but as they say their ancestors kept rebuilding after the great fire in the Meiji period they are being hopeful in rebuilding.

Takazawa Candle is one of the makers we have been working with for 12 years whose beautifully crafted Japanese candles attract so many of our customers around the globe. It has been indescribably sad and difficult for us to learn of all the damages done to our maker, as well as to the entire region and people in the affected areas.

For the sales of Takazawa Candle products at UGUISU STORE throughout January, all proceeds will be donated to Takazawa Candle to help rebuilding of their store, as well as a part of the sales of all the other products by other makers.


If you wish to help directly in the currency other than JPY online, you can donate through the donation page below:


Thank you so much for your support.