[UPDATE] Takazawa Candle Earthquake Relief

We are pleased and relieved to share the news posted on the Takazawa Candle website that they have been able to set up their factory/studio which did not get affected as badly as their historical store building and that they are starting to produce new candles now. 

Takazawa Candle started the project to gather donation to rebuild their collapsed store building on a Japanese website so we sent the fund from the proceeds of Takazawa Candle products sales from January through this crowdfunding webpage:


We really hope that they will be able to achieve their goal to rebuild their beautiful building with history dates back to Meiji period.

Most stock of the Takazwa Candle products at our store became very low or many are out of stock. It may take a little while before we will receive new stock but we will restock them when we can. 

From February, we will continue to donate a part of the sales from all the products at UGUISU to 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief via Japanese Red Cross Society to help all of the affected areas in the four prefectures which includes Ishikawa prefecture where Takazawa Candle is located in.

2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake / The Japanese Red Cross Society


If you wish to help Takazawa Candle directly, here is the page that allows you to donate online in USD or EURO.

Thank you so much for your kind support and warm thoughts.