Azmaya produces "tools" for everyday living that have been produced and used in the Japanese lifestyle since long ago. Their products are practical, functional and always have the Japanese traditional aesthetic. Azmaya collaborates with artisans, designers, crafts people and independent manufacturers from all over Japan to create contemporary housewares using traditional techniques and materials.

Donabe Rice Cooker
Mizusawa Cast Iron Kettle
KOP Glass
Copper Kettle
Copper Kettle
$ 250.00 USD
Cheese Knife
Cheese Knife
$ 62.00 USD
Miyajima Rice Scoop
Kumidashi Teacup
Chataku Tea Saucer
Wooden Wine Cooler
Iga Large Yunomi Teacup {Matsubai}
Soy Sauce Pot
Vinegar Pot
Butter Knife
Rice Storage Box
Fine Teeth Bamboo Scraper
Yoshino Cedar Chopsticks
Bamboo Chopsticks
Teapot Cleaning Brush
Wooden Cheese Board
Hinoki Masu Cup