Japanese Vintage Collection from TONERICO MUSEUM

Truly a hidden gem, TONERICO MUSEUM is a space that itself is actually a piece of artwork - the building, location, the air, the sound, amazing collection of vintage and handcrafted beauties, and what is more the people behind all of it. Located on the hill  back of the small pond in Mashiko town in Tochigi prefecture, this exquisite place has given countless love to those who visited. It will be closing its doors later this year, so sadly, but we are very honored to have a small collection of their special vintage curation here on Uguisu store website to share with the world.
[Vintage] Japanese Wooden Go Bowl
[Vintage] Tiny Dish A
[Vintage] Tiny Dish B
[Vintage] Round Lidded Ceramic Box
[Vintage] Mino Straw Cape
Oku-Aizu Matatabi Baskets [Medium]
Oku-Aizu Matatabi Baskets [Small]
[Vintage] Stripe Kimono (20% Off)
[Vintage] Kasuri Kimono Vest
[Vintage] Black Lacquer Tray
[Vintage] Bamboo Large Basket
[Vintage] Wooden Onioroshi Grater
[Vintage] Wooden Lidded Flat Box
[Vintage] Long Wooden Trays
[Vintage] Haori Silk Jacket
[Vintage] Sake Bag Cut Fabrics
[Vintage] Mingei Copper Kettle
[Vintage] Soroban Japanese Abacus