Clockwise from top left: 1. Renzuru Multiple Paper Crane Origami / 2. Jona Cloud Ring Necklace / 3. SAKURA Wooden Tea Cup {Natural} / 4. 21 Days In Japan Illustrated Postcard / 5. Fat Sparrow Ceramic Mini Plate / 6. Ha-ze botanical wax Japanese traditional candle & KOMA Cast Iron Candle Stand (medium)  / 7. Kimiko Suzuki Porcelain Flower Brooch / 8. Ha-ze botanical wax Japanese traditional candle / 9. fragola Cookie Brooches


Clockwise from top left: 1. Harrys Bonbon Glass Necklace / 2. Kimiko Suzuki Porcelain Tablet Earrings / 3. Aya Yamanobe Ceramic Mini Plate / 4. Mogu Takahashi Art Card "Plants" / 5. Masashi Ifuji Cherry Wood Oval Shaker Boxes / 6. Japanese vegetable wax candles IRO Rousoku (colour candles) Winter / 7. Harvest Handkerchief "Autumn Wreath"


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