Ceramic Mini Plate - Fat Sparrow (BACKORDER)

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Fat Sparrow which we call Fukura Suzume -refers to a sparrow in winter, when it is all fluffed up to keep warm- is one of the symbols that are seen to bring good luck or happiness in Japan. These mini ceramic/porcelain plates (mamezara) are reproductions of vintage plates that had been produced until the early Meiji period (around 1870) in Seto and Mino regions where are known as two of the major pottery centers in Japan. They are great to use for soy sauce, spices, tiny portion of food, or as cutlery rests on the table, or to put small jewelry or other little things on your desk. Available in different glazes/colours.

Measurements: Approx. 9.3 × 9.3 × H2.2cm
Material: Ceramic (Porcelain)
Made in Gifu prefecture, Japan

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