NEW BOOK BY YONAGADOU - Sweet & Nostalgic Vintage Japanese Design Collection

Charming new book by Yonagadou who is known as a vintage zakka buyer and artist is full of Japanese designs from between 30s and 70s that are lovely and surreal, exotic and nostalgic (and whose paper items have been our favourites at UGUISU for a long time now). The book features an amazing collection of vintage tiles, toys, handicrafts, night markets, architecture, cabaret interiors and graphics, etc....all made in Japan things mostly from Osaka where Yonagadou is based in, all so lovely and wonderfully curated! Text is mainly in Japanese, but all section titles are translated into English so you can tell what each section is talking about. A must read for all Yonagadou fans and anyone who loves vintage designs! Also the artwork on the cover is by another of our favourite artists Mihoko Seki! Purchase this book online (yes we ship worldwide!)