Hitohito Rice Bran Wax Japanese Tea Light Candles

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hitohito tea light candles are made with rice bran wax and these are great alternatives to paraffin wax candles as these are sustainable, vegan, gentle to earth and to humans. Handmade by a 100 year old Japanese candle maker Daiyo

Rice bran wax is made from rice bran which is a byproduct of the rice milling process. These candles are vegan and fragrance-free, no artificial colour added, and they do not give much soot but burn very clean and are environmentally friendly. Sold in a box containing 6 tea light candles. Each candle burns for about 4 hours.

Measurements: 4cm x 4cm x 2cm  / 6 candles in a box
Material: 100% Rice Bran Wax 
Burn Time: 4 hours each. (approx)
Made in Japan

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