Shipping cost is determined by weight of package, which country to ship to, and method of shipping. You can use shipping calculator to find out how much the shipping cost will be for items you purchase before you check out. For example: Shipping cost for 4 rolls of single Japanese washi tapes would be $4.20 by standard airmail to US, Canada, Australia and Europe. There are some shipping options for you to choose from, with or without tracking, faster and more reliable service, etc.
All orders are normally shipped out within our 5 working days which exclude Mondays and Tuesdays (we do ship on weekends). If you placed your order on Sunday your order will normally be shipped before the following Saturday. After your order is dispatched you can expect your order to arrive in following time depending on the shipping option you selected: Standard Airmail / E-packet (Registered Airmail) - 5 to 15 business days. EMS - 3 to 5 business days. SAL (Economy Airmail) - 2 to 4 weeks. Most packages sent by Standard or Registered Airmail arrive in about 1 week to most parts of the world, however sometimes it can take much longer because of custom delays, weather delays, natural disasters, and so on.
We can write a note on the package, however we can not promise that the person who delivers the package will do as what the note says.
Occasionally the package does not arrive even after 15 business days or more (when shipped by standard or registered airmail). Sometimes it's lost on the way or it's kept at your local post office because for example the package does not fit in your mail box and it was taken back. Please contact us and we'll check that the address was correctly shown on the package. We advise you contact the local post office, often the package turns up soon after you contact them. If it still does not arrive, it may have been lost or stolen, if you had selected standard airmail we can not do anything about it, if you selected registered airmail we will request a package search request.
We try to restock items regularly and most items will be available again. Some items may take longer but if you can let us know which out-of-stock items you are interested, we will be able to tell you when they will be restocked.
We are basically a retailer so we do not provide wholesale. However we are able to offer bulk purchase discount on most of the items so please contact us if you are interested. Please note that some items can not be sold for reselling.
Yes, we opened a little shop in Tokyo in 2012. We are located in the central Tokyo, in the Azabu-juban/Roppongi Area. Please come and say hi if you are coming to Tokyo! We have all items listed on our webshop in our Tokyo store. WEBSITE-->UGUiSU the little shoppe