Mini Rice Bran Wax Candles

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Tiny rice bran wax candles Komenuka Rousoku sold as a set of 10 earthy colours tucked nicely in Daiyo's original lidded box. The story behind the iconic cat trying to catch a mouse illustrated on the box is that as the Japanese candles use natural wax which mice love, it is said that every Japanese candle maker has always had a cat to keep the mice away. 

Each tiny candle burns for 15 minutes, so they are great for a quick meditation or for a mini break between stressful desk work, etc. Made with 100% natural and sustainable materials, these Japanese candles are handcrafted by craftsmen in Shiga prefecture by Daiyo.

Traditional Japanese candles are completely handmade and give very little smoke and larger and brighter flame than modern paraffin candles. 

Candle stand does NOT include. These mini candles go with Cast Iron square candle stand "small" or Glass Candle Stand.

Some candles may not stand as smoothly as others on the candle stand, but do not push hard as the candles may break. Please try by gently pushing the candle stick into the spike of the candle stand. Candle stick does not have to go as deep, as long as it stays straight it would be fine.

Measurements: Candle (Each): 4.5cm H / 10 candles in a box
Material: 100% Rice Bran Wax, washi paper and cotton (for the core)
Burn Time: 15 minute each. (approx)
Made in Japan

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