hitohito Japanese Candles {Autumn}

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IRO Rousoku - colour candles - are Japanese candles made with 100% rice bran wax using traditional techniques that are coated in colours. Now available in new colour schemes, packaged in a beautiful illustrated box in Japanese four seasons. This listing is for the autumn colours set.

Made with 100% natural and sustainable materials, these Japanese candles are handcrafted by craftsmen in Shiga prefecture by Daiyo.

Traditional Japanese candles are completely handmade and give very little smoke and larger and brighter flame than modern paraffin candles. 

Candle stand does NOT include. You will need to use a candle stand for Japanese candles. Works best with Ceramic Candle Stand RIPPOH or Cast Iron square candle stand "small".

Measurements: Candle (Each): 7.5cm H / 6 candles in a box
Material: 100% Rice Bran Wax, washi paper and cotton (for the core)
Burn Time: 60 minute each. (approx)
Made in Japan

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