Shirayuki Towel Yuzen Dyed {Shibori}

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The beautiful Shibori pattern print Yuzen-dyed Shirayuki Towels come from Nara, an ancient capital city of Japan near Kyoto, and they are made of 8 layers of a fabric that was once woven into mosquito nets called "kaya". These cloths are very soft, durable and absorbent and are perfect for using as dish cloths and wash/hand towels. Over time, the cloths become really soft and supple, and eventually they make great rags. The starch needs to be washed off before the first use.

About the material:
Kaya is a woven fabric made with cotton, linen and rayon. Shirayuki towels are made with cotton and rayon. Rayon is a recycled fiber made from plant based material - wood pulp. It's more absorbent than cotton and linen and it is suited for use in kitchen. 

Unlike synthetic fibers made from petroleum, rayon fibers degrade and return to soil faster than cotton. 

Each towel is coated with starch, which is made from potato grown in Kagoshima prefecture. It can be washed off with warm water before the first use.


Made in Japan.
Measurements: 30cm x 40cm (11.81" x 15.74")
Material: Cotton / Rayon

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