Update (March 1, 2022)
Postal services to some countries in Europe are suspended due to Russia-Ukraine conflict, we offer Yamato Transport/UPS Worldwide Expedited services for these affected countries for the time being. Please see the list here-->

*Below countries were added to the list (8 March, 2022)
United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, France, Belgium, Monaco


Unfortunately, since March 2020, Japan Post suspended some or all of their international services destined to many countries due to Covid-19 and currently shipping options may be affected.

Now most deliveries are going quite smoothly however there can still be delays small and large as the number of international flights are still limited. Shipments to some countries are still suspended with Japan Post. 

Shipments by EMS and Airmail/Registered Mail to many countries are almost back to normal, however for the US and Australia, Japan Post international mail services with tracking are suspended so we ship by Yamato Transport/UPS (1-2 weeks) for the time being.
For Australia you can also select International Parcel by Sea/Surface Mail (estimated delivery time is about 2 months) if the wait is not an issue for you.



Currently available shipping option is:

- Yamato Transport Courier Service / UPS (5-10 Business days, starts from $26) *Delivery time may take longer during the holiday season.

- EMS (Japan Post/USPS) 1-2 weeks from $22
*Delivery time may take longer during the holiday season.

*Email us if you would like to use Internatinoal Parcel by Surface (delivery time is 3 months+) which starts from $18 as it is available upon request.


Currently available shipping options are:

- Yamato Transport Courier Service  (2 weeks+, starts from $26)
- International Parcel by Sea/Surface Japan Post / AUSTRALIA POST (Delivery can take about 2 months or longer, starts from $18)



EMS and Registered Airmail services are available but delivery times may take longer than usual.
Unfortunately EMS and Registered Airmail services has been suspended since 27 November 2021 until further notice.

Currently we ship using the only available Japan Post service for Canada which is Standard Airmail, however this shipping option does not have tracking so delivery is not guaranteed. 

Standard Airmail shipping is suspended again from December 22 and currently the only option we have to ship orders to Canada is with UPS and to Business address ONLY. Please email us if you would like your order shipped this way.

UK and EU

Deliveries for the UK and most of the EU countries we normally ship to are back to almost normal. But delivery times may take longer than usual especially with the changes to be made by each government.


EMS and Registered Airmail services are available but delivery times may take longer than usual.


Unfortunately we are unable to ship to the following countries as Japan Post services are suspended. 

- Ireland *Resumed 26 February 2021
- Argentina
- Israel
- Greece
- Columbia *Resumed 26 February 2021
- Saudi Arabia
- Brazil
- Malaysia
- Russia
- Slovenia


*We may be able to ship via courier service even if services by Japan Post is not available. Please email us to arrange another option.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience but we are so grateful for your support during this difficult time. We are continuing to work safely and to support the artists and makers that form UGUISU.

Stay safe!