TOHAKU Warousoku Botanical Candles Set

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New addition to our great Japanese candles wa-rousoku collection is this set of simple, elegant and graceful candles made from 100% sumac (natural haze plant) wax, taken from the fruit of Japanese wax trees in Chikugo region of Kyushu.

The form of these candles is inspired by a pine forest in the pictures by Tohaku Hasegawa, one of the greatest Japanese painters from Nanao City in Ishikawa prefecture where Takazawa Candle the maker of these candles are based from 1892.

In ancient times, most of the traditional Japanese candles were made from this type of wax but the amount available had decreased rapidly in recent years. 

This TOHAKU set includes 2 medium size candles and 1 KOMA candle stand (medium), packaged in a fine paulownia wooden box. 


Measurements: Candle (Each): φ1.9 x h11 cm / 4.3" long (without wick)
Burning Time: Approx. 130 mins
Handcrafted in Japan

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