Teppachi Morikago Small Bamboo Basket

$ 68.00 USD

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Teppachi - literally 'iron bowl' - was named for the resemblance of the bowls used by Buddhist monks when they receive alms of food or money. The Teppachi morikago basket was first designed by the late national treasure artist Ikuno Shousai. This 'Six Flowers' pattern woven for the base of the basket is one of the most common weaving patterns for the bamboo crafts, it is created by combining the two layers of this patterns to provide strength to hold items for use in everyday life. You can enjoy the beautiful weaving patterns to look from any angle, from top, side, or turn around to see the back etc... it also creates amazing shadows. The bamboo will age beautifully too!

Created by bamboo craft artist Tamotsu Nishimoto who produces beautiful bamboo baskets in Beppu, Oita prefecture. Oita is the number one producer of madake Japanese timber bamboo and Beppu bamboo ware is a governmentally designated traditional craft of Oita. While we are waiting for his bamboo basket handbags, Mr. Nishimoto has sent us some of his much smaller works and here they are!

Sold individually.

Measurements (Approximately): φ15cm x 5.5cm (H) / φ5.9 x 2.16 (H) inch
Materials: Bamboo
Handcrafted in Oita, Japan



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