Jona Tenten O Ring

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Tenten O Ring has been a popular item in our physical store in Tokyo and like many of other rings by this artist it has been in store exclusive but now we are proud to be introducing more beauties by Jona a Tokyo's local Jewelry label by Japanese artist Mr. Yasushi Jona.

The ring is handcrafted with sterling silver and coated with gold leaf on the charm. As you wear this ring, the coating on the ring will gradually fade and the shiny silver on thee base will start to show letting you to enjoy the changes along the way.

The ring comes in a black lidded box shown in the last image.

Japanese size #11 in black (US/Canada: 6, UK & Australia: L 1/2, diameter 16.5mm) is ready to ship, and other sizes are available for backorder - usually ready in 2 weeks before shipment. Please tell us your size -best in your own country's sizing- in the special instruction box upon checkout.

Jona creates the most poetic pieces of jewelry carefully crafted to give the impression that they were "discovered from being buried in the sand for decades". Being contemporary yet having a kind of vintage look, coarse texture will gradually change the look as time passes by which is what the designer hopes for the wearers to enjoy.

Materials: sterling silver, gold leaf
Handcrafted in Japan

*Please expect slight variations from the images shown as each piece is handcrafted.   


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