Japanese vintage kimono textile wrapping paper

$ 6.50 USD

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Currently the third edition and here has been a slight change in design and paper is slightly heavier than the first or second print (see image no.6 for the current design). Uguisu's credit has been added too (just very small).

Our latest wrapping paper creation was inspired by the beautiful collection of kimono fabric remnants that my grandmother had kept for many years. Lovely vintage kimono patterns in blue shades are made into one collage and turned into wrapping paper hoping it will bring happy smile on many of you out there... Paper is thin and shiny on the front side, it is a kind of paper that is often used for packaging at Japanese confectionery stores. 

You can choose to receive the product rolled or folded to half. Postage will be less if you choose folded.

Measurements: 36.4cm x 51.5cm (14.3" x 21.3") x 6 sheets

Printed in Japan

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