Warm Eye Pillow with Japanese Forest Mist {Trees}

$ 39.00 USD


Japanese Wood Warm Eye Pillow is made with special washi fabric which is produced using Japanese wood - Hinoki and Sugi (Japanese cypress & cedar). Inside the eye pillow is Japanese red beans Azuki and it can be heated in the microwave. Each of the eye pillow cover (which is also made with washi fabric) is printed with lovely Japanese forest inspired water colour illustration by Momoe Kondo, spray the cover with Japanese Wood Atmosphere Mist that comes with the eye pillow and you can enjoy relaxing moment feeling almost like you are in a Japanese forest.

To heat the eye pillow:
Take the inside bag out from the cover and heat only the inside bag, in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Do not overheat. Put the heated bag into the eye pillow cover and spray the mist on the illustration side, then place it onto your eyes facing the illustration side up. Make sure the heated eye pillow is not too hot to touch, if it feels too hot wait until it cools down a little. When reheating the eye pillow, make sure you don't over heat it and heat it in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds at a time. 

Japanese Wood Atmosphere Mist is a 100% natural special combination of distilled water and essential oil of Japanese trees from Oita such as Hinoki, Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) and Kuromoji (Lindera umbellata), which are only found in Japan and in a small part in Taiwan. The spray has a unique forest-like fragrance that is purifying, uplifting, and stimulating. The mentioned trees are said to have anitmicrobial, germicidal and insect repellent properties. 

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[Eye Pillow] Wood Fiber Fabric (45% Washi Paper, 65% Cotton), Locally made organic Azuki beans (110g)

100% Steam-distilled essential oil and distilled water of Hinoki, Sugi & Kuromoji trees harvested in Yabakei area in Nakatsu-shi, Oita prefecture, Fermented ethanol 'Shimakibi'
Measurements: Eye pillow: 9 x 19cm / Mist: 30ml / Package: 19.6 x 14 cm (Paper Lidded Box)

Made in Japan


Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori
- literally means 'June the 8th Forest' is a lifestyle brand by Hisatsune Sanrin a forestry company from Oita prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. Hisatsune Sanrin cares about the forest and its environment and tries to keep the Japanese forest alive for generations. The Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori products are made with scraps of timber, branches, leaves etc that are organically grown in their forest in Oita. 


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