Book of Warou Flat 4

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A book on the building called Warou Flat 4 which our Tokyo store resides has recently been published. The building named Warou Flat 4 is one of the now left of 3 western style vintage apartment complexes built in Azabudai (near Roppongi) in 1936 in Japanese timber construction. It's one of the rare timber frame buildings to exist in Tokyo which was built before WW2 to be still being used as residential complex. 

This book was made by people who so carefully manage this precious building, with great amount of effort and love, to celebrate the 77th year (kiju) for all this time this building has embraced people's peace and well-beings.

I hope you will enjoy the lovely stories and history that surround and live within this unique building which I truly admire. Even if you do not read Japanese, the book is filled with beautiful photographs of both interior and exterior of the building which I am sure will amuse you.

Measurements: 20.6 x 14.6 x 1.2 cm / 77 pages
Full Colour
Printed in Japan.

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