Bamboo Basket Tote

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Bamboo basket totes with leather handles are one of the most unique and elegant items we have found that are created by hand combining the traditional techniques with contemporary designs. Bamboo is one of the most characteristic plants of Japan and high quality Madake - a type of bamboo these bags are created with - are grown predominantly in Beppu City of Oita prefecture in Kyushu, where the maker bamboo craft artist Tamotsu Nishimoto  is based. The well crafted bamboo totes that are created using techniques of the Beppu Bambooware - a governmentally designated traditional craft of Oita- can be enjoyed for a life-time if used with care. Bamboo is very strong and durable especially knitted and woven to be baskets and the surface ages beautifully turning a lovely and shiny caramel brown colour after 10-20 years.

The totes are big enough to carry a 13-inch laptop computer plus other everyday necessities in a round shape body. There is a small hook at the top for a secure holding, and you can either carry the bag on your shoulder or hold with a hand. 

The basket is made with madake bamboo from Oita prefecture with natural finish without any coating or painting. The surface although left uncoated it has toughness that resembles that of enamel or glass and water or dirt can be easily wiped off. (If left wet for a while the colour of bamboo may get darker but it will be back to what it was before after it dries.)

Handles are made of natural leather. You can choose the colour of the handles from either dark blue (navy) or natural which will turn lovely brown colour as you use it. 

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Tamotsu Nishimoto is a bamboo craft artist who produces beautiful bamboo crafts -bags and baskets for everyday use- in Beppu, Oita prefecture. Originally from Chiba a neighbor prefecture of Tokyo, after working for an electronic manufacturing company Tamotsu moved to Beppu to be trained for bamboo ware making and became a bamboo craft artist and started his own brand Tamotsu Seisakujo Bamboo Works in 2010. Oita is the number one producer of madake Japanese timber bamboo and Beppu bamboo ware is a governmentally designated traditional craft of Oita. 


Measurements (Approximately): 33cm (W) x 23cm (D) x 23cm (H) / 13"(W) x 9" (D) x 9" (H), Handle is 14mm/0.55" wide and 27cm/10.6" (from the top of the basket to the top of the handle). 
Materials: Bamboo, cow leather, cork (used on the bottom in the inside).
Handcrafted in Oita, Japan



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