So happy and honoured to be introducing a new artist/brand KIYAYA and their exclusive handmade works through UGUISU online store. KIYAYA is a Japanese wood craft brand by a very talented artist and artisan Shinobu Moshino and his wife Yuka and they create a wide range of hand carved wooden sculptures in the shapes of darling animals from the forest for interior objects offering to add joy and happiness to people’s every day living at their home.

This time we are introducing three of KIYATA's most popular and iconic pieces (amongst so many different animals and items): Flying Squirrel Lamp, Wild Rabbit Alarm Clock and Wild Rabbit Wall Clock



It is only a very small introduction part of the KIYATA's creative world as it is not easy to show it by stocking just a few from a large collection so KIYATA shows and sells their work mainly through exhibitions that they hold every few months throughout Japan. Each of their exhibition, wherever it is held at, becomes "KIYATA forest" and the adorable animals they create from wood look amazing as if they are about to start chatting, singing and dancing. Their pieces are very popular in Japan and since the number of pieces they can create for each exhibition is limited as all are handmade items that require so much care and detailed work that it is extremely difficult to obtain their work for the past years. 

Back in May this year KIYATA had their very first exhibition outside of Japan, at a wonderful gallery 待入荷 HANDMADE ART STORE in Beijing and it ended with a tremendous success almost all pieces small and large selling out in the two weeks exhibition period. Here is one image from this exhibition so you get to see a better idea of what their actual "forest" is like :)


All of their pieces are designed and created in their studio in the mountain in Saitama, it's not so far from Tokyo at all but it is surrounded with amazing nature and beautiful scenes of a Japanese country side! 


Take a look at their pieces available at UGUISU, a few wooden handmade pieces as well as their jewelry collection produced using the hand carved wooden casts and laser cut brooches here -->

Visit also their website
and see more works on their instagram @kiyataforest