Komenomegumi Rice Bran Wax Candles

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Komenomegumi Rice Bran Wax Candles are made from rice bran extract. Rice bran wax, obtained from rice bran oil, has been used widely in Japan as the way to care for skin, or to keep the house clean. Rice bran is produced plenty in Japan so it is very sustainable as well as earth friendly.

Japanese candles use washi paper for the core and they are made with the techniques which have not changed since 16th century and today they are made by only a handful of Japanese craftsmen. These traditional Japanese candles are completely handmade and give very little smoke and a brighter light than modern paraffin candles. 

This set includes 8 small candles (7cm / size #1) and does not include candle stand. You will need to use a candle stand for Japanese candles that is for candles sized #1, KOMA candle stand "small" will be perfect match.  Burn time is approximately 30 minutes each. Candle stand does NOT include.

Measurements: Candle (Each): 7cm / 8 candles in a box
Burn Time: 30 minute each. (approx)
Made in Japan

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