Yasushi Jona Tenten O Necklace {Gold}

$ 135.00 USD

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Gold colour newly added to the Jona Tenten O Necklace series. The flat "tenten" (dots) motif for the charm crafted into the "O" shape is made with sterling silver and coated with gold leaf and it has adjustable 100% polyester thread called Asian code in red. Each piece has been carefully handcrafted by Yasushi Jona in his studio in Tokyo. Also available in black and white.

Jona creates the most poetic pieces of jewelry carefully crafted to give the impression that they were "discovered from being buried in the sand for decades". Being contemporary yet having a kind of vintage look, coarse texture will gradually change faces as time passes by which is what the designer hopes for the wearers to enjoy.

Due to the nature of handmade products, please expect slight variations to the product images displayed.

Measurements: Approximately 40cm long (thread length is adjustable). Charm is approcimatelly 2cm x 1.6cm
Materials: Sterling silver, gold leaf, thread
Handcrafted in Japan

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