Moku Light Towel

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Moku Light Towels is a light and convenient towel & scarf for every day use such as bathing, exercising, riding, as hand/face towel, etc. It is perfect to wrap it around your neck while running or exercising outdoor to protect from the sun in summer or keep you warm in cold weather. It is woven using the pre-dyed yarn and it has a nice warm feel with nep showing here and there. The towel is very soft and dries quickly.

Choose from three colours: blue, lemon and grey



Measurements: 33 x 100cm / 13" x 39" 
Material: 100% Cotton
Made in Imabari, Japan


*We regret that we are unable to ship this product to US and Canada. If you purchased this item by mistake we will cancel the item from your order. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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