We are very excited to be introducing these wonderful woodenwares by IFUJI BOXMAKER, a product series by Japanese wood craft designer and artisan Masashi Ifuji from Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.

Shaker oval boxes are iconic products of Masashi Ifuji and he is one of the first Japanese artists who started making these classic oval boxes (or pantry boxes) using the original templates and traditional techniques used by The Shakers. He makes each box by hand, without using glue and ensuring their unique characteristics - Mr. Ifuji's creations are pure perfection. Exteriors are finished with flaxseed oil based coating and bees wax, while insides are unfinished.

The Shakers used oval boxes for sewing and quilting notions and for kitchen dry goods and today their uses are unlimited. 

Also by IFUJI BOXMAKER, simple round wooden trays are very practical and great for everyday use.  The unique grey toned ones are made with maple wood and dyed with vegetable dye of maple and the natural colour one is made with Japanese Ash. These trays are finished with natural based food safe coating which means these trays can be used as plates to put food directly on them as well as to use as trays.


SEE ALL ITEMS BY IFUJI BOXMAKER - Yes all shipped worldwide directly from Tokyo!