SAKURA Wood Tea Cup

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Have you checked out the new SAKURA tea cups, the lovely smooth round egg shaped cups made with Japanese cherry (yamazakura) wood? The first stock all went in a few days so we just got them restocked!

The SAKURA tea cups sits nicely in your hands and it feels so nice when you drink out of it. The wood works as natural insulator so these are perfect for drinking hot tea and coffee. 

These beautiful woodenware is hand-crafted by skilled artisans of Gato Woodworks that creates high quality traditional Yamanaka Shikki lacquerware using advanced Japanese woodturning techniques. The SAKURA cups have been coated in a durable lacquer, colours would not stain and it is very easy to take care of. Hand wash with soft sponge or cloth is recommended and do not leave to soak.

Check this beautiful Japanese item on UGUISU online store ->
We also have a new "Tea & Coffee" collection!

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  • Hiki

    Hello Michael, You can see the price of this item in the product page linked in the article:
    And yes! we ship to Taiwan!

  • Michael B

    Hello, I have a few questions about these…. 1) how much are they?… 2)Do you ship to Taiwan? :)

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