PERMANENT No.5 - Winter 2014 Issue is out and now available from UGUiSU online store.
Back issues have been restocked too and No.1-4 are also available for purchase.


PERMANENT is a quarterly small press magazine published by two art directors in Fukuoka, south island of Kyushu, focusing on food and dining culture and lifestyle while having the keywords "Make, Eat and Think / つくる、たべる、かんがえる" as a concept. Think from the simple daily dining scenes, how and where things we eat are made/produced, who are involved behind it - they interview people and tell us in this A5 size small press with incredible photography and make us think and be inspired.

Although it's written in Japanese you'd be able to enjoy flipping through every page looking at the beautiful pictures and layout. You can watch these amazing videos here that follow contents of each issue.