NORAH Issue 3 "Mind of Craft"

NORAH issue 3 has been newly added to UGUiSU's magazine & book collection.

Published by the team who run farmers market in Tokyo, NORAH is an ad-free quarterly magazine focused on natural and organic thoughts, lifestyle, culture and places in Japan and everywhere.

This third issue of NORAH features "CRAFT" - work or activity that requires special skills or objects made by  skillful use of the hands. NORAH talks about the way to live and enjoy life choosing things that are well "crafted", things that are non-mas-produced but carefully and thoughtfully produced covering from Japanese traditional crafts mingei, architecture, contemporary craft, farming, coffee, beer, music, and so on.

Constructed with waste paper from the printing process, mixing 8 different papers. There are 12 patterns for the different paper mixture so each copy has its own unique feel for how the photography turns out on different paper. (Your copy will be picked up randomly.)


Measurements: 257 x 182mm / 128 pages
Language: Japanese
Printed in Japan using waste paper from the printing process

NORAH (野良) means farm or field, NORAH is aimed "to be good to the field", to work with the nature and to live naturally.