[30% OFF] Yonezawa Dantsu Woven Chair Pad {Navy}

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Dantsu are hand-woven rugs known for their exceptional quality. These dantsu chair pads are produced by Yonezawa Dantsu Takizawa Kobo in Yonezawa City an old castle town in south of Yamagata prefecture. Takizawa Kobo has been producing dantsu rugs using their original hand weaving machines since the 1960s. They have produced large sized rugs for Prime Minister's residence and big theaters in the past, but recently they are focusing on creations with the concept "How small could dantsu be made" and that is how this very small sized dantsu has become as a chair pad. This dantsu chair pad is a collaboration between Takizawa Kobo, Yamagata based designer Katsunobu Yoshida with UGUISU, this piece in this colour scheme and size is only available through UGUiSU.

Designs are created by a young local designer Katsunobu Yoshida and after visiting their factory we have had these chair pads made in two colour ways in our choice of colours and size which means these are exclusive to UGUiSU. We are so excited to introduce these new collaborative pieces! Each chair pad has quite a thickness so it is really comfortable to sit on, I hope you will get to feel it. The fringe on both sides can be tucked in or just leave them as they are depending on your liking.


*The pale pink colour inside the navy blue may be a little bit darker than seen in the images.


Measurements: Approx. 32 x 32cm / 12.6 x 12.6 inch
Materials: Front: 100% Wool,  Weft & Warp: 100% Cotton
Made in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

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