Uchi Rokkaku - Inner Hexagonal Paper Box

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Designed by Origata Design Institute which specialises in the modern re-interpretation of ‘origata’ (traditional folding technique) that was used in gift-giving gestures of courtesy in the ancient times in Japan. Uchi Rokkaku (inner hexagonal) is a sheet of paper with pre-scored creases which can be built into a lovely gift box/packaging. A hexagonal form supports the designs internally and this internal hexagon protects the object inside from being crushed. 

Included in a package are 3 sheets A4 size paper, 3 sheets A5 paper and red and white mizuhiki (traditional Japanese cord used for wrapping special gifts), which means with one pack you can make 6 boxes.

A4 makes a box sized: W80 × H50 × D105 mm.
A5 makes a box sized: W60 x H30 x D75 mm
Package size: 300 × 220 mm
Materials: Paper
Made in Japan

This item is available in another design Ie Rokkaku (hexagonal house)

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