TSUGUMI Wooden Bowls

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Newly added to the collection of beautiful works of wooden lacquerware from Gato Mikio Shoten are TSUGUMI - series of minimalist design wooden bowls.  There are three designs to choose from.

TSUMUGI bowls are designed for serving soup in the Japanese style but they are also perfect size to use as matcha tea bowls. Since they are made with natural material, there would be slight variations in the tones and grains of the wood in each product. Bowls can be used for both cold and hot food or liquid. Very easy to take care of, hand wash with soft sponge is recommended, best to avoid extreme temperature change or to leave food or liquid for long hours as it can cause damage in the wood. 

These bowls are created by skilled artisans of a century old company using the advanced turnery technology of Yamanaka Shikki lacquerware, a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture combined with contemporary design by Ikumi Ishizaki. 


 [KOMAGATA] φ10.4 x 7.4cm / φ4" x 2.9"
 [YURI]  φ11.9 x 7.4cm / φ4.7" x 2.9"
 [MASUGATA]  φ10.9 x 7.4cm / φ4.3" x 2.9"

Material: Japanese zelkova (kayak) wood, Polyurethane finish
Handcrafted in Japan

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