Summer Stick Incense
Summer Stick Incense
Summer Stick Incense

Summer Stick Incense

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Stick incense made by artisans in Awaji island in Hyogo prefecture where is a nunber one production center for stick incense in Japan since about 170 years ago. The Summer Incense is a mix of 5 different kinds of stick incense with scents made with inspirations of the summer season:

睡蓮 Water Lily - Scent of sweet and refreshing water lily that spread over the tranquil pond.
百合 Lily - Elegant and subtle scents of lily flower
竹林 Bamboo Forest - Refreshing scent of bamboo forest that softens summer sunlight.
海 Ocean - Scent of refreshing and passionate summer ocean.
薔薇 Rose - Scent of fresh rose that blooms strongly in the early summer season


3 each of the 5 fragrances - 15 incense sticks total.

Measurements: Approx. φ1.5~2mm, 13.2cm / 5.2" long (Thickness and length of each incense vary)
Made in Japan