Sakura Green Tea

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Sakura Ryokucha Japanese green tea with cherry blossoms and leaves. Cherry blossoms and cherry leaves are edible after being pickled in salt and they are widely enjoyed in Japanese sweets in Japan. You can enjoy the soft fragrance of sakura and it looks beautiful with the sakura blossoms in tea. 

- Place one teaspoon (3g per cup) of the tea leaves and pour 150ml of hot water after cooled down a little in a water cooler. 176F (80C) is the best temperature. Cover the cup or pot and brew for 1-2 minutes.


Net Weight: 30g
Measurements: [Package] 13.5×18cm [Bath Bag] 9×14.8cm
Ingredients: Green tea, pickled cherry leaf, dried pickled cherry blossoms, dried pickled cherry leaves,  alum‐hematoxylin
Best Before: September 1, 2019
Made in Japan

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