Renzuru Multiple Paper Crane Origami - Sazanami

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Renzuru, literally “consecutive crane,” is an advanced origami technique that uses a single sheet of paper to fold multiple cranes that are all connected to each other and it is the oldest origami in the form of amusement. This is one of the 3 renzuru patterns taken from "Senbatsuru Origata" book which includes 49 crane origata folding templates for renzuru originally published in 1797.

Graphic design unit Cochae has added graphic patterns to the 3 templates, and the paper has slits so it is all ready for you to fold. You are to fold cranes without cutting the paper but keep it as it is.

This one Sazanami is the second difficult renzuru to fold out of the three. See all the three renzuru origami here-->

Measurements: 21cm x 21cm x 5 sheets.
Made in Japan.

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