Polkaros Japanese Cloths Tenugui

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Lovely new tenugui designed by Polkaros. Tenugui is a piece of gauze cotton cloth and it can be used as a hand towel, washcloth, dishcloth, center cloth on the table, headband, scarf, or it would also be great for wall decoration. 

Polkaros tenugui are available in 4 designs inspired by traditional Japanese motifs which are Uroko (green), Kikkotsunagi (Red), Mizuhiki (yellow), and Seigaiha (blue). These tenugui were meticulously handprinted by Japanese craftsmen in Gifu.

The edges of the tenugui are deliberately left un-hemmed to allow natural fraying.

Measurements: Approx. 95cm x 36cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Made in Japan

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