Meishi-Koh Scented Cards

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Paper incense for business cards which is called Meishi-koh in Japanese literally means 'fragrance for business/name cards'. Small handmade paper in the size of business cards are scented with subtle and elegant fragrance which was created by the oldest fragrance company in Japan Shiono Fragrance Company for the long established linen/hemp maker of Nara - Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten. Keeping these scented paper together with your business cards will let the fragrance transfer onto your cards so that when you give your cards away you will be giving the beautiful fragrance together with your cards.

There are 8 sheets of scented traditional handmade washi paper with a simple and beautiful hemp leaf pattern embossed on one side on each paper and packaged in fine wooden lidded box. Each card can be used as a notecard too, to add a personal touch to a special gift

*This is not to be burnt.


Measurements: Each card: 9×5.5cm / Box: 9×5.5×1.7cm
Material: Washi Paper, Paulownia wood (box)
Made in Japan

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