Maru's O-Mamori Bukuro Amulet Pouch A

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"O-mamori Bukuro" is made with remnants of silk fabric created by one-and-only Japanese artist Tadashi Maruyama of Maru Factory. Mr. Maruyama creates textiles for Japanese traditional garments Kimono and Obi (sache) with uniqueness and brilliance in contemporary style and he also produces artworks using his own textile creations.  

O-mamori Bukuro literally translates to Amulet Pouch. Kimono artists often travel for their work which means they could come across some unexpected encounters during each journey.  Traditionally, they carried a small container including small amount of salt with them as a charm to ward off danger - In Japan salt is considered sacred and it is an integral part of everyday life for us. Mr. Maruyama designed the "O-mamori Bukuro" (good luck charm container) wishing for each of them to be used as a charm, as a fashion item or however you would enjoy it. 

Both textile and string are 100% Japanese silk created by the artist himself. Silk used widely for Japanese kimono and obi are very strong.

Choose your preferred colour from pull down list.
*Please expect slight variations in each piece as they are all handmade.

*The string is slightly longer than the previous stock.

Measurements: [Pouch] Approximately 2.5cm x 3.5cm, 47cm long (18.5 inch)
Material: 100% Silk
Handcrafted in Japan



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