Makomo Houjicha Blended Roasted Green Tea

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One and only gogumi blended tea by the oldest tea producer/dealer in Nara, Kitada-Genshichi Shoten newly arrived to our selection at UGUiSU online store. 

Hojicha is roasted green tea. Ryokucha -green tea- is usually made not only with a single origin tea leaf but it is made from going through the blending procedure where the best of the different tea leaves from different regions depending on the season are carefully selected. This is called "Gogumi" and is one of the most important jobs for tea makers. With over 100 years of experience, Kitada-Genshichi Shoten blended the tea to be exceptional not only for its flavor and fragrance but also the beautiful color of each blended tea. 

These are made into tea bags for you to enjoy easily. 

Makomo Hojicha 
Makomo (Zizania latifolia) grown by farmers from Wani Farming Association has been dried and roasted, then blended together with Yamato Hojicha. It has unique slightly sweet and very relaxing flavor and fragrance. 

Main Tea Leaf - Yabukita Green Tea from Hatano region
Sub Tea Leaf -  Makomo from Wani region (both Nara prefecture)

Net Weight: 3g x 8 tea bags
Measurements: [Package] 9.2 x 15 x 3cm
Ingredients: [Tea] Green Tea, Makomo (Nara Prefecture)
BEST USE BY: September 2018
Made in Japan