Lasercut Wooden Hawk Catching Sloth Brooch

$ 14.80 USD

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Adorable hawk catching sloth laser cut wooden brooch by KIYATA - a popular Japanese wood craft label by a wonderful artist Shinobu Moshino and his wife Yuka who create a wide range of handcrafted wooden sculptures and hand carved objects from tiny brooches, umbrella handles, lighting and furniture in the shapes of darling animals.

These brooches are laser cut but hand drawn lines are realized and simply adorable! (though the poor sloth is crying!)


Measurements (Approximately): 6.2 x 5.8cm / 2.44 x 2.28 inch
Material: Wood, brass (for the pin)
Made in Japan


We regret that items by this artist can not be shipped to China as their future exhibition in China is expected.


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