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Kyoto Journal

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Founded in 1987, Kyoto Journal (KJ) is an award-winning quarterly publication  that showcases life, culture and society in Japan and throughout the Asia region from a myriad of perspectives. It is also the longest independently run English journal based in Japan.

We now stock KJ's latest five issues:

Issue 95 - Wellbeing
Issue 94 - Inspired by Kyoto
Issue 93 - Food
Issue 92 - Devotion
Issue 91 - Living Sustainability

Measurements: 27.4 x 21 x 1 cm
112 Pages
Language: English
Printed in Japan



  • Wellbeing as the Ground of Being
    Ken Rodgers
  • The Power of a Moment:
    Peace Artist Kazuaki Tanahashi
    Codi Hauka
  • A Very Chinese Conception of Wellbeing
    Bernard Kwan
  • A City Designed by Trees
    Patrick M. Lydon
  • Holy Waters: Melukat in Bali
    Amy Chavez
  • Tirta Empul: A Sacred Water Temple in Bali
    Photo Essay by Aimery Joëssel
  • Karesansui Garden Therapy for Hospital Patients
    Martin McKeller
  • Invitations to Stillness: Japanese Gardens as Metaphorical Journeys of Solace
    Mark Hovane
  • Blessings
    Pico Iyer
  • How I Healed from the Nepal Earthquake
    Sushma Joshi
  • Doctor Stories
    Dr. Kenjiro Setoue, translated by Jeffrey S. Irish
  • Readers’ Home Remedies
    • Benedicto Marinas
    • Helene Marie Thian
    • Elisa Marchetti
    • Rebecca Otowa
    • Pathitta Nirunpornputta
  • Mind Over Matter
    Geraldine V. Verzo
    Listening to Incense: A Sensory Immersion into Shoyeido’s 300-year-old Craft
    Codi Hauka and Kyoko Yukioka
    Collaborating with the Universe: Reylia and Johnna Slaby discuss their unusual childhoods, creating art, and having the world shout back
    Interview by Kyoko Yukioka
  • Poems by Shinkichi Takahashi
    Translated by Ryan Choi
  • Glossary of Japanese Onomatopoeia for Gaijin
    Michael Colbert