Kyogi -Thin Sheets of Wood

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Kyogi is 100% natural, unbleached, thinly shaved sheets of wood made from Japanese natural red pine (akamatsu). Kyogi have high air permeability and perform well in hygienic so they are great for wrapping food, or to use in the steamer for cooking. Also great to use for gift wrapping or they can be used as writing paper.  Kyogi had been the most commonly used natural wrapping material in Japan since Yamato era (4-6th century) before paper and plastics took over.  Sold in a pack of 20 sheets. There may be some ripping. (These wood sheets are not as soft or bendable like paper.)

Measurements: Approx. 14.5cm x 50cm / 20 Sheets
Material: Japanese Red Pine Wood
Made in Japan

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