Japanese paper tags (Heavier Coated Paper)

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Japanese paper tags originally used to label Japanese traditional dress kimono textiles are great for adding the final touche to the gift wrapping or use as labeling, price tags, etc. Made with coated matte white cardboard paper and these are light yet heavy enough to write on both sides. Available in 2 sizes. You can decorate the tag with masking tapes, stamps, stickers or with your drawings and writings. Sold as a set of 10 or 30, or mix of 2 sizes. Choose the size from the list.

* Paper tags made with fine handmade washi paper (with persimmon dye) are listed here-->

Measurements: [Large] Aprox. 4 x 8cm [Small] 2.5 x 5.6cm (twisted paper code does not include in measurements)
Material: Paper
Made in Japan

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