Japanese Traditional Floral Painted Candles 12 Months Set (Rice Bran Wax) BACKORDER

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Beautiful hand painted Japanese traditional candles now available in the 12 months set with flower from each month is painted on each candle stick. Floral painted candles are originated in Tohoku (northern Japan), during the harsh winter when it used to be very hard to get fresh flowers people started to paint flowers on the candles and used them for the buddhist altar at their homes as alternatives to fresh flowers.

These candles are perfect to use as decoration, as alternatives to flowers in the hot summer season, or as special gift to special someone.

Made with rice bran wax and washi paper used for the core, these candles are handmade in the traditional techniques by craft artisans in Shiga prefecture by Daiyo

Traditional Japanese candles are completely handmade and give very little smoke and a brighter light than modern paraffin candles. 

This set includes 12 small candles (8.2cm H/ size #2) in 12 different designs. You will need to use a candle stand for Japanese candles

Measurements: Candle (Each): 8.2cm H / Box Size: 20.8 × 15 ×H2cm  / 12 candles in a box
Burn Time: 60 minute each. (approx)
Candle stand does NOT include. 
Made in Japan.

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