Japanese Paper Balloon {White} Decoration Set

$ 5.00 USD

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We've made a new set of Japanese paper balloon in plain white with cute strings ready to hang as decorations. 3 x 50cm long cute strings comes with the 3 white paper balloons. You can attach strings to each balloon easily with sticky tapes. Colours and styles of strings will vary.

Plain white paper balloons are great for party decoration, you can enjoy decorating the balloons with stickers (as seen in the last image), washi tapes, and maybe stamps! We recommend using a straw to inflate the balloons, it makes things so much easier especially when you have more than a few!

Plain white paper balloons without strings are listed here-->

Measurements:   Each balloon is approx φ21cm when flat x 3 balloons / 50cm decorative string x 3
Made in Japan

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