Hinoki Hydrosol Aroma Water
Hinoki Hydrosol Aroma Water
Hinoki Hydrosol Aroma Water
Hinoki Hydrosol Aroma Water

Hinoki Hydrosol Aroma Water

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Hydrosol or aromatic water are co-products of the process of producing essential oils in the method of steam distillation. Hydrosol extracted from Hinoki wood grown and harvested in the Yabakei region of Oita prefecture by steam distillation has natural fragrance of the plant with no additives. It can be used as it is, or to use for making your own spray mixing your favourite essential oils. The hydrosol aroma water is much lighter than Forest Mists.

Hinoki has a distinctive beautiful scent elegant and relaxing, and the Hinoki timber is widely used in Japan in architecture for temples, shrines and theaters, or for Hinoki wooden baths. Hinoki is highly regarded for its spiritual qualities too.

Comes with a spray top.


Binomial Name: chamaecyparis obtusa
Size: 100ml
Made in Oita, Japan

Do not drink it is not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. Bottle is made of glass so be careful not to drop it or it could crush. Recommended to use up within 6 months after opening and keep in dark and cool location. 

Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori
- literally means 'June the 8th Forest' is a lifestyle brand by Hisatsune Sanrin a forestry company from Oita prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. Hisatsune Sanrin cares about the forest and its environment and tries to keep the Japanese forest alive for generations. The Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori products are made with scraps of timber, branches, leaves etc that are organically grown in their forest in Oita.