HARRYS Glass Dip Pen

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Hand-blown glass dip pens handcrafted in Japan by Japanese glass artist Koto Tsuchiya of HARRYS. These glass pens are entirely made with glass and they are elegant and make a great addition to any calligrapher's toolkit. Packaged in a fine black lidded box. 

How to use glass dip pens:

Dip halfway through the tip of the pen in inkwell and slowly pull it up. This way ink will in the grooves.  Gently rub the pen gently along the rib of your inkwell to remove any excess ink. 

Writing it on an angle tends to go more smoothly than doing it vertically. If you rotate the pen a little as you write, it tends to stop ink to dry too quickly and allows you to write for longer. Please be careful not to apply excessive pressure as you write. You could break the pen. Start with a light pressure and slowly build up as you find your rhythm.

After use rinse the ink and gently wipe it off with tissue paper or soft cloth. In case the ink dries and becomes hard to clean, soak the pen in warm water.  

Measurements: Approx. 17~18cm / 7inch long
Material: Glass
Made in Japan

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