Koto Tsuchiya HARRYS Glass Hair Tie - Ponytail Holder

$ 69.00 USD

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Hair ties/ponytail holder with simple yet elegant and lovely glass piece that is carved with stripe patterns hand crafted by Japanese glass artist Koto Tsuchiya of HARRYS.
Inside the glass piece is hollow so it's nice and light, and the backside of it is flat so it's easy to wear and it sits nicely on top of the knot. There is a small silver plate part with logo pressed on it around elastic band, but when you make the ponytail this will go around the back so it will not be visible while wearing it.
Choose from 2 designs, straight or twist.

Measurements: Glass Piece is approx. φ2.5cm/1inch

Material: Glass, elastic, silver plate
Made in Japan

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