Hariko Paper Figurine {Tower Girl}

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Hariko is a Japanese traditional craft that has been made for over 400 years. Several layers of Japanese washi paper are pasted over wooden frames and left to dry before being painted. It is like a Japanese version of Paper-mache, but with Hariko paper is not soaked.

These Hariko are made by Kaori Hamasaki who is a Hariko artist who creates original hariko figurines mixing the traditional and modern ideas and designs. Many of her hariko are created especially for UGUiSU, all hand crafted by Kaori herself in her studio just outside of Tokyo, each figurine is hand painted using Japanese traditional pigments. Hariko figurines sometimes look almost like ceramic pieces but they are so light in weight since they are made with paper and that inside is empty.

Tower Girl is designed with the Tokyo tower as a motif and it has a cute girl face at the bottom.

Material: Washi Paper
Measurements: Approx. 12.5cm tall
Made in Japan


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