Handwoven Linen Japanese Notebooks

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Beautiful Japanese notebooks with hand spun & hand woven linen fabric covers. Each notebooks are stab bound in Japanese style using decorative 'hemp leaf pattern' stitches. 'hemp leaf pattern' is one of the Japanese traditional patterns that symbolise happiness and good luck. Hemp has been treated as sacred plant from ancient times and was believed to have power to keep evil spirits away. Also, since it is tough and strong it can have meanings for well growth and good health. 

Originally made for 'goshuin-cho' which are to collect pilgrimage stamps from temples and shrines, these special notebooks are great for scrapbooks or keeping your special words etc.

Available in three colours: white cover with red stitch,  red with white stitch, and blue green with white stitch. Inside are all same, high quality blank Japanese paper. It can be used from either side. Each notebook comes with a small strip of paper to write the title and to be glued on onto the cover.

Measurements: 13 × 18cm / 7 x 5.1 inch
Material: Cover - 100% Linen / Inside - paper
Japanse stub bound with paper folded in half, 40 pages
Made in Japan

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