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 Greeting cards with letter-pressed beautiful illustrations of plants and animal from the Japanese mountains. The set includes small leaf shaped paper and wood aroma liquid that you can drop a few onto the leaf paper to include in an envelope together with the greeting card to send the lovely scent of Japanese wood along with your message. Illustrated are Kuromoji tree from Spring, Mountain Hydrangea of Summer, Amago (a type of trout fish) of Autumn and Japanese Deer of Winter - all are found in the mountain of Oita where the maker Hisatsune Sanrin is based.

Cards come in two sizes, larger ones are post card size with blank backside, smaller ones are folded cards. Both sets include matching size envelopes.


Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori
- literally means 'June the 8th Forest' is a lifestyle brand by Hisatsune Sanrin a forestry company from Oita prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. Hisatsune Sanrin cares about the forest and its environment and tries to keep the Japanese forest alive for generations. The Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori products are made with scraps of timber, branches, leaves etc that are organically grown in their forest in Oita. 


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